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If you don't have voice mail or don't have access to it every day of the week, email may be the only way we have to contact you about volunteering for Yum Yums. For example, on the weekend, you wouldn't normally be monitoring your Work number or Work E-mail address. Also if you access the internet using dialup and this blocks your telephone, email could be the fastest way of contacting you

Yum Yum Details

How many individual orders of the Yum Yums do you want to provide? This will be used as a cut off total so we don't over sell your item


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Brief description of your home made Yum Yum and what type of unique packaging IF ANY will these be packed in?


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There may be some CRM Members who are allergic to certain foods, so we ask that you provide an ingredient list. You especially need to mention if your Yum Yum contains nuts, eggs or other common foods to which someone might be allergic

How many Yum Yum items are in an individual order? For instance, if providing cookies, this would be the number of cookies in a single order

Please give us an estimated order price for your item (remember the order price includes postage). Prices range generally from $15 to $50 depending on the item. This will just be an estimate - we'll contact you with any questions.

How big is a Yum Yum item? For instance, if providing cookies, this would be the diameter of the cookie, like 2 inches. Or if cookie bars, then the width and length.

If you are not able to donate the cost of ingredients/package/postage in whole or in part, CPCRN will help with any of the expenses. However you must contact first to discuss the details of what expenses you need help with and the amount as you must receive authorization for the reimbursement. Without this advance authorization you will not be reimbursed.

Please submit a photo of your item(s) as soon as possible directly to: