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Behavior and Training



An Obedient Dog Is A Happy Dog
By A. Schneider

Aversives And Sod Busters - Jack Palance vs. Fred Astaire
By G. Wilkes

Can Cairns and Cats Live Together Peacefully?

CFF Canine Federation Freestyle
Canine freestyle dance is a wonderful activity to build trust with a dog.

Dog Training Activities
All types of activities you can enjoy with your dog.

Growling, Snarling, Snapping And Biting
If you are concerned about the behavior, of your dog, then you are right to take it seriously.

He Just Wants To Say "Hi!" - Rude Dogs And Aggression
An excellent article on dogs meeting people from THEIR point of view. A must read.

How To Choose A Dog Trainer

Inappropriate Fear
Counter-conditioning crucial when dogs fear inappropriately

Manners And Training
By N. B. Woolf

Pet Training - Fast, Cheap or Good
By G. Wilkes

Puppy Aptitude Test
Developed by Volhards

The Paws Working Dog Evaluation

The Well Mannered Dog

Treat Training: Bribing Miss Daisy
By N. B. Woolf

Twelve Tips For A Well Behaved Dog
By R. Kovary

Books & Videotapes
These are some vital resources to help you, all of which may be purchased online or some other sources.

  • Pat Miller, "The Power of Positive Dog Training"

  • M. Shirley Chong, "A Clicker Cookbook: A Step-by-step Guide to Beginning Manners."

  • Dr. Karen Overall, "Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals"

  • Dr. Nicholas Dodman, "The Dog Who Loved Too Much," and "Dogs Behaving Badly."

  • Karen Pryor, "Don’t Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training," and "Clicker Training for Dogs."

  • Dr. Deborah Jones, "Click & Go," "Click & Fetch," and "Click & Fix" videos.

  • Peggy Tillman, "Clicking With Your Dog: Step by Step in Pictures."

  • Dr. Ian Dunbar, "How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks"

  • Lana Mitchell, "Click for Success: Practical Clicker Training Guide."

  • Jean Donaldson, "Culture Clash," "Dogs Are From Neptune," and "Mine!"

  • Dr. Ian Dunbar, "Dog Behavior: Pet Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet."

  • Dr. Myrna Milani, "Body Language and Emotions of Dogs."

  • Andrea Arden, "Dog-Friendly Dog Training"

  • Terry Ryan, "Toolbox for Remodeling Your Problem Dog"

  • Dr. Patricia McConnell
    1. "The Cautious Canine: Helping Your Dog Overcome Its Fears;" (booklet)
    2. "I’ll be Home Soon: Helping Your Dog Deal with Separation Anxiety;" (booklet)
    3. "Beginning Family Dog Training"
    4. "Feeling Outnumbered?" (booklet)
    5. "The Other End of the Leash"