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Calix says thank you for all of the support he has received on his GoFundMe campaign! We do have good news -- so far, the growth in his foot has not come back, so we're still postponing surgery (hopefully forever!). He has had other ongoing heath issues, though, including chronic ear infections and big, fluid-filled swellings on his feet. The vet thinks these issues are all caused by allergies. The results of his allergy testing recently came back, and he has a lot of food allergies, plus tons of trees, grasses, and even an allergy to cotton! So, Calix's wonderful foster mom has sewn him new fleece (cotton-free) belly-bands, and is working on finding a new food, trying out new daily allergy meds, etc, etc.

We have our fingers and paws crossed that his ears and skin will improve with his new diet and allergy meds! Through his issues, Foster Mom says Calix is a bright, funny, engaging little dog who wants nothing more than to be with his family and have fun. He is always ready for an adventure -- especially if there's a chance food might be involved! He's a fabulous little dog!

Thank you for your continued support and donations for Calix!

$800 raised of $1,100 Goal