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Yowie's Story
by Kay F.

My name is Yowie. I have been told that a “yowie” is an Australian Sasquatch. That name was given to me by Col Potter. My best friend and partner who came with me to our first CP foster home was actually named Sasquatch.   H-m-m-m…. Funny names! Sasquatch or Sassie for short was the love of my life. We had a good life in our foster home until one day someone came and took Sassie away. I heard that her new family already had a male dog and couldn't take me too. I was so sad and sometimes I misbehaved because of that. Eventually I was sent to a new foster home in Missouri. My foster mom was pretty strict and tried to teach me better behavior skills. Ohhh man, that was hard. I spent a lot of time in the X-Pen. One cold and rainy day, my foster mom bundled me up and took me back to the airport. I had no idea where I was going now. There were a few mishaps along the way like when they left me sitting outside the airplane when it took off. But I got to spend that night at a really cool doggie spa.  The next day, I made it on the plane and finally got off in Seattle. All I could wonder was what would happen next. Two people picked up my crate and put me in a car. OMG ….. in the car was my best buddy Sassie. We were together again. I could not believe it. Nothing could have made me happier. We got to our new forever home and Sassie helped me to be a better dog. What fun we had together. I have since lost Sassie and as sad as that is, I now have a new friend …. a cute little CP girl named Izzy (aka Yaquina). I am king of the castle in my forever home. I do share nicely with Izzy even though she steals my treats if I don't eat them fast enough. I have other friends in the neighborhood and two big parks for walking and smelling. I am considered a true gentleman in my old age of 14 years. Thank you so much Col Potter.  And thank you Laurel, Robin and Suzanne for your help along my journey.

In the photos, I am the black one and my lovely girl Sassie is the blonde one.