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Adorable little two year-old Yancy is a friendly, active little guy who was adjusting well in his foster home when he suddenly became ill this past week. He started vomiting yellow frothy liquid and had bloody diarrhea
numerous times. His foster mom contacted her vet's office, but they were getting ready to close and advised her to take Yancy to an emergency vet.

After spending hours at the emergency vet, and after a very hefty vet bill, they couldn't really diagnose what the problem was. They wanted to keep him overnight for observation and add more cost to the already
high tab. Foster Mom and Col. Potter decided to let Foster Mom take Yancy home for the night and call her regular vet the next morning.

Yancy spent a day at the regular vet and was put on two different medications, and is now improving. The vet said he has seen many dogs in the last two weeks with the same symptoms. He believes it is some kind of viral or bacterial infection. Yancy is still weak and not quite
himself yet, but seems happy and content to be back with Foster Mom.

If you can please donate to help us with Yancy's vet care, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network 

Your donation is tax deductible! Our Federal Tax ID Number is 33-0954902. Any donations exceeding Yancy's bills will be put toward another needy Cairn.

Thank you for your continued support and donations for Yancy!

$125 raised of $1,000 Goal