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Transports Home




  1. Reimbursing Transport Volunteers
  2. So you want to be a transport driver! - some things to expect and know as a transport driver
  3. Cell Phone Texting - It's a handy technology and we'd like to use it in setting up transports and during transports


  1. Handoff Locations - location information, addresses, map links, phone numbers, satellite image/maps of meeting places for drivers
  2. Monitoring Transport Calls During the Transport - Make it easy on yourself
  3. Other transport groups at Yahoo - list of other transport groups at yahoo, ordered by state and highway


  1. Google Maps
  2. Yahoo Maps
  3. MapQuest


  1. Tiny URL - paste a large URL ("web address") into a form, and it gives you a small one back that is easy to remember and use, where going to the small one will forward to the large one for you!
  2. Lat-Lon - Latitude and longitude lookup.
  3. GoodSearch - (type "Col. Potter" in the lower search box to have them give a donation to Col. Potter organization)
  4. State DOT's - links to state's Department's of Transportation websites
  5. Road Cams / Road Conditions - links to road conditions and road cameras
  6. Time Zones (states and cities)
  7. USA time zone map
  8. What time is it? (now)
  9. Tags Program
  10. Area Code Lookup - they call it NPA (Numbering Plan Area)
  11. Prefix Lookup - enter the state and area code
  12. Canadian Central Office Code Utilized Report (Canadian area code/prefix lookup)


  1. Flight Status - Alaska Airlines
  2. Flight Status - American Airlines
  3. Flight Status - Continental Airlines
  4. Flight Status - Delta Airlines regular website
  5. Flight Status - Frontier Airlines
  6. Flight Status - Northwest Airlines
  7. Flight Status - Spirit Airlines
  8. Flight Status - United Airlines


  1. Weather conditions along a route - enter start/end points, click "Go", then click "More Forecasts" below the Go button (you might have to click it 2 or 3 times)
  2. NOAA - National Weather Service - national weather map with condition modes
  3. NOAA Airport Weather -[ALB] Albany International
  4. NOAA Airport Weather -[ACY] Atlantic City International
  5. NOAA Airport Weather -[BWI] Baltimore-Washington International
  6. NOAA Airport Weather -[ORD] Chicago O'Hare International
  7. NOAA Airport Weather -[DEN] Denver International
  8. NOAA Airport Weather -[DTW] Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County
  9. NOAA Airport Weather -[MKC] Kansas City Downtown Airport
  10. NOAA Airport Weather -[MSP] Minneapolis-St. Paul International
  11. NOAA Airport Weather -[EWR] Newark International
  12. NOAA Airport Weather -[JFK] NY - Kennedy International
  13. NOAA Airport Weather -[LGA] NY - LaGuardia Airport
  14. NOAA Airport Weather -[ISP] NY - Long Island MacArthur Airport
  15. NOAA Airport Weather -[SWF] NY - Stewart International Airport
  16. NOAA Airport Weather -[HPN] NY - White Plains, Westchester County Airport
  17. NOAA Airport Weather -[PHL] Philadelphia International
  18. NOAA Airport Weather -[PHX] Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  19. NOAA Airport Weather -[PIT] Pittsburgh International
  20. NOAA Airport Weather -[PDX] Portland International
  21. NOAA Airport Weather -[SLC] Salt Lake City International
  22. NOAA Airport Weather -[SEA] Seattle-Tacoma International
  23. NOAA Airport Weather -[STL] St. Louis Lambert International
  24. GOES - weather satellite view of eastern and western USA with different modes (~30 minutes old)