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Tavish's Story
by Denny

At 12, Tavish found his forever home with us and he is adored! Evidence of his 11 years of crate living are often seen when his preferred sleeping position is with his legs up a wall and when he is found standing in a corner facing the wall with his head hung low and that just breaks my heart. He is such a sweet boy it is hard to imagine that he wasn't loved!

He joined our family in March of 2005 and after some very minor adjustments he has settled in nicely. At first, he was a little possessive of his new family but soon realized that all those other people that came and went also offered some benefits, petting and sometimes treats, and this is a dog that loves his treats!

Included in our household is Molly, a Scottie who is almost 12 too. We've had her since she was a pup. A couple of years ago, we lost Toby, her long-time Cairn companion. Just after Toby's death a cat found the doggy door moved into our house, somehow it figured Molly wouldn't mind even though she had never known a cat up close! Odd! And Molly didn't mind. Molly had never been an only dog and when Toby died we decided we would see how that went hoping the cat would be a bit of a companion.

On some levels single-dog-hood was great, she got many more rides in the car and long walking adventures but I could tell we weren't enough and she was very lonely. When I mentioned my interest in the CPCRN dog Tavish, my husband asked if he came with a shovel because he was so old (he was kidding of course!) but neither of us regrets the decision to adopt an older dog at all; Molly either. Although they do follow each other around the yard a lot, Molly is still hopeful that Tavish will someday join her in a big play romp.

Tavish is an absolute delight and we are all in love; we are truly happy to be able to provide a happy place for the rest of his life! Oft times our whole family, including the cat can be seen walking though the park, one big happy family! We want to thank all the dedicate people of CPCRN who were part of making this possible, particularly Ruth, the foster mom!