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Simon's Story
by Kim VanArsdell

I just want to give all the wonderful people associated with CPCRN a very much heartfelt thank-you for doing all the countless tasks that are necessary to save all these precious animals. We are the lucky adopters of Simon who came to us a little over two months ago. I don't know what conditions he had to endure for his first eleven years, but I know he was literally staring death in the face because he had outlived his usefulness. He had been used for breeding purposes at a "puppy mill" then sent to auction when he was past his prime. No one wanted an eleven-year-old dog at the auction, so he was going to be destroyed. By some miracle his owner was talked in to donating him along with another eleven-year-old dog to the Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue Network.

Simon's saga continued when he left his temporary rescue home to travel nonstop, cross-country for five days to be with his foster family. When he arrived he was very sick with an infection and a temperature. He was in such sad shape, his foster Mom thought, who will ever adopt this dog? 

We had been watching the CPCRN site for some time, when lo and behold, there was a picture of Simon and he was being fostered only a half hour drive away from us. My husband and I decided it must be a good sign, so we applied right away to be able to adopt him. We were very fortunate that when Simon’s foster mom did our home inspection, she brought Simon with her.

This way, we could see how well he would get along with our 16-year-old Cairn, our 14-year-old mixed terrier, and our cat. They all hit it off just fine, and the two "old farts" were excited to have a new little brother to show around. I am amazed and humbled at how well animals can adapt, given the chance and a little patience. Since Simon, had not acquired the social graces because of his life in a cage, it was necessary for us to work on house training. This was a minor inconvenience considering all that Simon has given to us. He is really the sweetest little character, and he makes me smile every day. He really is blossoming and becomes more self-assured with each passing day. It is heartwarming to see the joy he gets just from being able to run freely in the yard and go for walks. He asks for so little and gives us so much.

I just want to recommend that potential adopters not be put off by an "older" dog. These seniors have so much love to give and life yet to live. Our three elders are going strong, if not quite as fast as they once did. If I could afford to adopt more Cairns I certainly would, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second if they didn't happen to be younger dogs. Thanks again for all your selfless efforts on behalf of the Cairns!