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Reimbursing Transport Volunteers


CPCRN will reimburse expenses incurred by transport volunteers in the transport of CP's dogs. Alternatively, if a volunteer prefers to donate all or part of their transport expenses to CPCRN, a donation receipt will be provided.

Transport expenses include fuel, oil, parking and tolls, and other items which are purchased by the volunteer specific to a transport (e.g. crate to be passed on). In the absence of receipts for fuel and oil, CPCRN will reimburse at a flat rate of $0.15 per mile round trip (see Calculating Round-Trip Miles). Receipts will be required for all other expenses.

The best way to handle the cost of fuel is to fill your tank before beginning a transport. Collect all receipts along the way including one to fill your tank upon returning home.

Receipts/mileage are required for either reimbursement or donation receipts. Please submit mileage in all cases for our records.

Transport expenses may be included in a volunteer's normal monthly expense reports (intakes, fosters) and need not be submitted separately. For those volunteers who are just submitting transport expenses, send all receipts and mileage information within 30 days to:

c/o Cindy Michaux
4920 Sentinel Drive #101
Bethesda, MD 20866

If the driver just wants the $0.15 per mile, and they did keep track of their miles during the transport, simply get a hold of Cindy as outlined above. No involvement by the Transport Coordinator is needed.

If the driver just wants the $0.15 per mile, and they did not keep track of their miles during the transport, they can email the request to the Transport Coordinator who handled the transport, who can then forward on to Cindy. It is the responsibility of the driver to inform the Transport Coordinator that they want the 15 cents/mile, and that they are notifying the Transport Coordinator that they did not keep track of their miles and as such need help in this matter.

CPCRN will not provide reimbursement or a donation receipt for expenses more than 30 days old. (We will obviously make an exception for any outstanding situations due to the changes within the Transport Team.)