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Previously Donated Item(s) Receipt

Thank you for your generosity and your donation of an item that can be used as a Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network fundraiser item in one of our Fundraiser projects. This is so very important with our continued efforts towards funding of our rescued Cairns, and as always, this is gratefully accepted and truly appreciated.

CPCRN will determine the best use for your donated gift, which may be an eBay listing, offered as a gift on our "A New Leash On Life" on-line fundraisers, donated directly to a foster home if Foster Dog care related, or at any other CPCRN fundraisers, such as our one or three day CPCRN Fundraisers in various parts of the country throughout the year. Thank you.



This form is for PREVIOUS Item Donations ONLY. 

Please fill out the below form as thoroughly as possible. Upon submitting this form, a tax receipt will be generated and sent to your email box. Please keep this tax receipt if you itemize your taxes. You will be contacted via e-mail by one of our Fundraiser volunteers if there are any questions.

TAX RECEIPT - please read the following carefully:
VALUE AND TAX RECEIPTS: Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network is a Not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation [33-0954902]. Information on CPCRN can be obtained by going to Who We Are. Therefore, a Fair Market Value can be claimed as a tax deduction. Your tax receipt and/or receipt of donation (if you don't itemize) will be generated and sent to your mailbox upon submittal of this form.



Exact description of item donated.
 Please include information as to exact size, weight if known, details of item such as materials used if the item was crafted, was this new or previously displayed (vintage, etc.), model numbers, stock numbers, manufacturers, etc.

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Where was the donated item(s) sent/brought?

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Briefly stated according to IRS Tax Rules, a donor can claim a "fair and reasonable" Fair Market Value for a donated item. The IRS emphasizes or uses the words fair and reasonable as what "most" people would typically pay for a similar item shopping for a good price and value.

The donor of an item typically receives one-half the value of an item donated UNLESS they can show proof of a higher value. The person who obtains an item donated can claim the difference between what the donor claimed and the amount they paid (i.e., on a home made quilt with $50 in receipted supplies/expenses; if this item is sold for $100, the buyers tax receipt would or could be $50 and the donors tax receipt would be $50). Please check with your Tax Consultant if you have any questions regarding donations.

The original value or manufacturer's suggested retail for my donated item is approximately (if known; any indication of value is greatly appreciated):