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Indy's Story:
Independence by B. Otero

Our CAIRN RESCUE experience was filled with anticipation and adventure from the very beginning. Last August, the great folks at Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network matched us with a lovely little Cairn who was almost 2 years old at the time. He was named "Independence" and affectionately called "Lover Boy" by the staff and nicknamed "Indy." Although we live in Maryland, my husband suggested that we drive up to Indy's foster home in Wisconsin to pick Indy up. My husband assumed that the transition would be smoother that way, and the Board all agreed. We were warmly greeted by Indy's foster family: Kathi, Rob, and the rest of their furry family. When Kathi pointed Indy out to us through her kitchen window, my heart melted! He was adorable! The ride back to Maryland was long, and Indy was so very quiet in his crate -- probably wondering what kind of journey he was taking THIS time. Initially, he was very slow to trust and our family was told he would be, since everything was so new to him again. When we finally arrived home, we were very anxious for Indy to get settled in his brand new home. Understandably, he was extremely cautious and skittish. He seemed afraid of almost everything and everyone. Slowly but surely, the days turned into weeks, months, and here we are six months later, and I am happy to report that our sweet Indy is doing beautifully. He is healthy and content, and we're thrilled to have him as part of our family. Indy has made great strides. To name just a FEW: he was totally housebroken within the first week of being home, he just adores sleeping in his own doggie bed, and loves playing and fetching his squeaky stuffed animals. Indy never knew toys prior to being in foster care, never knew playtime, and never had his feet on grass. He can sit, as well as "sit up pretty." A new trick that he just mastered is very exciting to us: he now "rolls over!" In addition, he seems to enjoy going over to his furry 'cousins' home (other dogs) for a little fun from time to time. Indeed, we just LOVE our special "Lover Boy" to pieces! (We have many other fond nicknames for him -- too many to mention here!)

I can't say enough good things about the COL. POTTER CAIRN RESCUE NETWORK. It has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience for us. We've had the pleasure of working with caring and compassionate folks like CPCRN Board member Michele from Ohio, who made it all come together for us and for which we will always be grateful. The staff are *top-notch* people; they REALLY love these dogs and put so much effort into working their special magic! I can only hope that many, many other deserving Cairns are matched up with their prospective adoptive families in such a positive way as our personal experience. When that happens, it is truly a blessing!