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UPDATE #1 March 7, 2015

We are very happy to report that Peru's ultrasound of his chest -where there looked to be a mass- turned out to be nothing. He does have a collapsing trachea and takes a cough pill when he starts coughing. Have no fear, Peru runs and plays outside with his foster brothers! His hair is growing in nicely and he is enjoying life and learning what it is to be a dog!

Thank you so much for your positive thoughts and donations! It all COUNTS!

Peru is 8 years old and came in with Col. Potter's largest-ever group, the World Tour 30, in November 2014.

Foster Mom says Peru is such a sweetie and is just learning what it is like to be a dog. He loves to go outside and explore the yard. He can tear a stuffed toy up in a matter of minutes! He also enjoys sitting on the couch beside Foster Mom at night and even lets Foster Dad sit there too.

Sweet Peru has been diagnosed with a collapsing trachea and the x-rays show a mass in his chest. He is going to a specialist in Dallas for an ultra-sound to see exactly what the mass is. Any donations for his care would be very much appreciated. No amount is too small! Thank you for any and all help as we do our best by Peru.



$220 raised of $1,500 Goal