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Brandy's Story
by Linda in Chicago

I wanted to add my two cents worth about adopting a senior dog. I adopted Brandy, aged 9-1/2, almost two weeks ago. She is my second "senior" adoption. Brandy is an angel -- never chews on anything, doesn't pee in the house, needs just 3 walks a day. She is absolutely perfect for a working, single woman such as myself who would struggle to find the time to properly care for and train a puppy.

This contrast was really driven home when we spent several days at Christmas with various family members who have Cairns, including my parents who have a 5-month-old puppy. The puppy (Pico) is adorable, but NEVER stops moving, chewing, jumping, and in general, acting puppyish. Nothing wrong with that -- in fact, he's positively delicious -- but the contrast with my stately and sedate (not to mention low-maintenance) Brandy was eye-popping. After 5 days, my parents were so taken with Brandy (and exhausted by Pico!) that I thought they were going to force a trade on me, and I'd have to go home with Pico instead! (Fat chance!)

The moral of the story is simply this: I think a "senior" dog would be ideal for almost anyone (by the way, if Brandy had her way, I think she'd object to being called "senior" in the first place, since she probably has 7-8 years left, making her more middle-aged than senior!). Brandy is a ready-made, pre-trained companion -- who could ask for more? I hope we can all spread the word and try to find forever homes for the "mature" pooches in our foster homes. I promise, the adoptive families won't regret it!