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“Good boy, Regis!!” That’s exactly what he wants to hear when he does something noteworthy. His little life started off a bit rocky, running through the big city streets, dodging cars, protecting anything he could claim as his, and then landing in the big concrete jungle where he faced big barks and other frightening noises. At eight months old, he’s had more scary moments than any pup should, but he’s safe now and learning to overcome his past. Regis is seven pounds of “bad hair day” and sweetness who is always in need of a comb out and a snuggle. He thrives on love, praise, and patience and would benefit from an adopter who is no stranger to the terrier breed. He prefers to get comfortable and then seek out attention, but once he does, he can’t seem to get enough. He’s 75% lap dog, and 25% playtime which is impressive for such a young guy. An adopter who will continue training, encourage his good behaviors and work through his imperfections is key to Regis's success.
Gender: Male
Age: 01/13/2022
Weight: 7.00 LBS
Color: Gray Brindle
Breed: Mixed Breeds
Location: Lucama, North Carolina