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Professor Hawking - I am not Ready
I'm not ready for adoption

Talk about perfect names! Professor Hawking is a smart little terrier mix. He is a perfect gentleman whose biggest joys are going for walks and being with his foster mom. Professor is being fostered with some mellow collies and a geriatric cat, and he has settled right in with no problems. He enjoys meeting children on his neighborhood walks, but backs away if they start to get grabby. Professor is a shy guy, and takes a while to warm up to strangers -- but once he does, you will be rewarded by wide-eyed looks that will warm your heart. Professor is a senior who is experiencing some of the challenges we all face. He is a bit overweight and his coat is thin, and he's waiting for test results to see if his thyroid may be contributing to that.
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Weight: 18.30 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland