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Prof. Hawking - I am Ready
I'm ready for adoption

Prof. Hawking is a smart little terrier mix who is discovering the joys of life that he deserves. After his previous owner turned him over to a shelter (because he had diarrhea!), Professor is gaining confidence and letting his terrier-ness emerge. Initially, Professor was a shy guy who backed away from strangers, but now that he is secure in the love of his foster home, he has found that meeting strangers can be fun! Walks around the neighborhood are relaxing and full of new smells to investigate! And, best of all, cuddles and doggie kisses are a great way to start the morning!

Professor is being fostered with some collies and a geriatric cat, and he has established his place in the group with no problems. His recent blood work suggests hypothyroidism, which is being easily managed with a tiny, inexpensive pill twice a day.

Gender: Male
Age: 12
Weight: 18.30 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland