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Pops - I am Ready
I'm ready for adoption

Hello there, all!! My name's Pops, but my Foster Mama calls me Cooper...I like that name a lot! She says that I'm a good boy and ready to go to my forever home, but she'll miss me. I'm very quiet and if it weren't for the occasional bark she wouldn't even know I was here. I love to take naps and eat...and eat...and take naps...I like to sit in the chair and be petted a lot, too. I don't like thunderstorms, though and we've had a lot of them recently so I wear my thundershirt a lot. When it starts to get stormy, I want someone to hold me and snuggle with me so that I know I'm safe, but normally I don't really want to be held in your lap, I just like to sit with you. Would you be that someone for me?

I've got to go to my dental appointment this week, I may have to have a couple of teeth pulled, but the vet says I'm doing really good for my 13 years! I love people, and I get along with everyone!! So fill out that application! I need someone of my very own to sit with!!

Gender: Male
Age: 13
Weight: 16.60 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Special Considerations:

Escape Artist