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Popdart - I am Adopted
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Say hello to Popdart, a strapping middle aged boy who is full of energy and ready to bring you joy should you be lucky enough to adopt him. This little guy was an outside watchdog before he came to Col. Potter. Can you imagine? Popdart is learning how to be an inside dog, and is catching on quickly. His health is excellent, especially considering that he had no vet care since he was a puppy - only 2 extractions on his dental! He gets that he is supposed to go outside for potty but still has a habit of marking, which I hope will subside once his hormones are out of his system after his neuter surgery. You'll have to check out his videos - he has the most unique potty routine - I guarantee you'll laugh out loud. (Popdart 10/10/208) Popdart and my 8 year old Cairn are still negotiating some boundaries, but since Week 2, he and Rabbie have a daily wrestling match (Popdart 10/10/20). Stay tuned for updates...there is so much more to this little tank.....

Gender: Male
Age: 7 years
Weight: 17.20 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Ambridge, Pennsylvania