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Polish aka "Crazy Legs" is a 10 month old Cairn/Westie mix puppy who was released to Col Potter from breeding facility. Like any puppy this little man behaves like a big baby. He loves women and any occasion where he can be held and loved on! He is potty and crate trained. He loves to chew anything plastic and is very super inquisitive. Anyone considering this little guy will need to add a good puppy obedience class to their schedule with this little man. He loves to inspect the toy box for something new to play with, but prefers so squeaky toys. He plays with them for hours! His foster parents have learned to ignore it as he is so entertaining to watch playing with the toys. He gets along well with the four resident cairns. He does one behavior we had never seen called yard surfing, he crawls across the yard on his belly, it's really funny to watch. He is a very endearing little guy.
Gender: Male
Age: 11/14/2018
Weight: 13.90 LBS
Color: White
Breed: Westhighland Terrier
Location: Hampton, Virginia