Hi, I'm...

Now auditioning for the role of your next best friend and happy companion! This young - only 1.5 year old - boy is a cuddlebug who loves to go for long leashed walks and explore the back yard. He equally loves cuddling up with his human on a couch while his human watches television or reads a book. O'Teagan asks only to be close and if you're willing, he's especially partial to belly rubs. In his past life, he was sometimes relegated to the role of second fiddle, and he's less happy about being left alone in his crate or ex-pen. He's a social boy and prefers to be with his people or with the other dogs in the home. He has been a gentleman, deferring to the resident male and female Cairns in his foster home, and especially listening to the bossy girl Cairn (she's in charge). A week into his foster-cation, he is starting to show his relaxed happy nature, and zoomed around the back yard for the first time today, and play bowed to the Cairn girl in charge.
Gender: Male
Age: 1.7 years
Weight: 20.00 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Location: Rochester, New York