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Newell - I am Ready
I'm ready for adoption

Introducing Newell. She is not yet ready for adoption, having just come into the Col Potter family. She has some health issues that we are trying to get sorted out and managed. Watch for updates - and more pics - because she's going to be worth waiting for. Newell may be the easiest foster ever to come into her foster mom's home. She is housebroken, sleeps like a baby in her crate, and met the two resident (small) dogs like a pro after a few days of everyone getting used to new sounds and smells. She loves going for walks, and is quickly getting the idea to stay on foster mom's left and not pull. She also loves being out in the breezes and sunshine we've been enjoying in KY for this last week in April, so a fenced yard will be ideal. However, she also chills nicely on her bed alongside her foster sibs when foster-mom is working at her desk or watching TV or reading. She has not shown much interest in toys, but is interested enough in food/treats to need separate feeding.
Gender: Female
Age: 12 years
Weight: 12.00 LBS
Color: Red Wheaten
Location: Louisville, Kentucky