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Heartworm and Flea & Tick Meds Request Form


Heartworm Medication

CPCRN Policy: Your foster dogs are to be dosed with heartworm prevention the same months your vet recommends your own dogs be protected. If the dog previously had heartworm prevention please use the supplied dose on the first month after the negative heartworm test even if you don't normally use prevention.

Our dogs are transported on a regular basis, and they may travel through or be transported to an area of the country that is a high heartworm risk so please keep this in mind and order prevention for a dog moving to an area where heartworm prevention is necessary.

Heartworm medication is supplied through CPCRN, not your personal vet. You must have a heartworm negative test result prior to dispensing heartworm meds for the first time. Please check your dog’s intakes health records for verification of a negative test result, or check with your mentor if you are not sure if this test has been done.

 Fleas and Ticks

If you live in warm areas of the country then your fosters will definitely need protection. There are northern areas where we seem to have no fleas/ticks, however, your foster may travel through a flea and/or tick area when adopted, where protection is needed.

If you do not use flea and/or tick protection for your own dogs, you will need one set on hand at most for your foster dog in the event they travel.

Note: all medication is the property of CPCRN and it is dispensed in accordance of a doctor of veterinary medicine. In the event that your dog is placed while you still have medications on hand, please bring this to the attention of your foster mentor.








DO NOT apply any topical flea control product to a dog if the dog needs an immediate bath. 
First bathe the dog and then apply flea control 3 days later as directed.

We understand some flea control products may stop working in your area, especially in the 
south. After you have discussed this with your mentor you can request another type of flea 
control such as Advantix (no cats while wet), Advantage or Comfortis. Keep in mind that 
Advantage and Comfortis do not provide any tick control. In Texas it has been reported that 
rotating between Frontline Plus and Advantix has provided excellent flea/tick protection. 
Frontline Plus for fleas/ticks and Canimax for heartworms are the default products sent. Only 
if your foster is heartworm positive will another heartworm prevention be sent, the medical 
team will work with you on this. 


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