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Miss Molly - I am Ready
I'm ready for adoption

Miss Molly is a love-ball at a very trim 12.5 lbs.! She is a former momma who is learning to live outside a cage. She's beginning to trust her foster mom, as she watches her from the couch and is very happy never to leave those nice cushions! She is learning her potty manners but there's still a way to go. Right now she is still frightened by the outside and is quite content to sit next to or on foster mom and watch TV and let "mom" bring food and water to her. She was very fascinated with a nine-month-old human this week and was not frightened. No idea yet about other dogs/cats yet. Will work on meeting and greeting them soon. Keep checking back to see her grow so you can be singing her praises too!
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
Weight: 12.50 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Chelsea, Michigan