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Precious McKeown, called Mackie, is a delightful Terrier mix; high energy puppy zooming, bounding play one moment, snuggle in your lap or fall asleep upside down the next. Enchanting expressions and wagging tail, Mackie relishes the company of people, seeks the company of home dogs as well. Mackie loves toys, will empty toy baskets to pile as many as possible into his bed or drag them through house or into the yard. Such a smart little boy, he learns commands quickly, has learned the dog door, and knows exactly where his dog dish will be placed and to wait his turn. He requires a secure yard for rambunctious play and investigation but is also an escape artist...he can climb fencing, wiggle through small spaces and can’t wait to see what is in the next yard. His Cairn mentor has taught him the joy of the hunt, Mackie bagged his 1st bunny today, brought it for approval...and a bit to brag. If a high energy, adorable, sweet natured, intelligent puppy is your desire... don't wait!
Gender: Male
Age: 1year
Weight: 14.00 LBS
Color: Red Wheaten
Breed: Mixed Breeds
Location: Peoria, Arizona