Hi, I'm...
Madison - I am Adoption Pending

Madison here. My brother Mason told you about our mom being sick. When we finally ended up at the shelter, we were worried we might get separated until CP came to get us. Now we are in a nice house with this couple. Foster dad takes us for walks that we really like, but my brother gets so excited he tries to pull his arm off. Foster mom seems to be home a lot and I love that because I feel more comfortable with a person nearby. If she lets me, I will smother her with kisses. I would love to be petted all day and will curl right up in your lap if you let me. I only have 3 teeth left, but I can eat small kibble. I prefer that stuff foster mom eats, but she says that it's not good for me. I usually let my brother lead so he thinks he is in charge, but really I am and if you get in my way I will put you in your place, so watch out. But my bark is worse than my bite because I don't have teeth to bite with!
Gender: Female
Age: 11 years
Weight: 20.00 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan

Special Considerations:

Escape Artist