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Loocky is a young, quiet 6 year old who loves food, don't we all. She is tolerant of dogs as she is living with 4 now but much prefers people. She is a creature of habit and truly appreciates a schedule especially for breakfast and dinner times. She is a very good watchdog and will bark to let you know if something is amiss but isn't a constant barker. She loves to take baths and to be brushed and rubbed dry, typical spa day. She is housebroken and will go either while in a fenced area or on lead. She loves to take walks and will sit quietly while you leash her but then let's go. She's very curious on her walks and her nose is in full gear. She chases her tail and rolls around like a kid on the carpet. Because she loves food so much, she is currently on a diet. She is very smart and I am only beginning to see the extent of what she knows. She sleeps and eats her meals in her crate. I do this so no one bothers her at dinner time. She is fearless of thunderstorms and all house appliances.
Gender: Female
Age: 6 years
Weight: 21.00 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Mixed Breeds
Location: Etters, Pennsylvania

Special Considerations:

No Other Dogs, No Cats