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Lil Sis - I am Adopted
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Sweet and petite, Lil Sis is a tiny 9 lb lap lover looking for snuggles and someone to adore. She is now comfortable with 1/4 mile walk at your side at a comfortable pace. House trained and enjoys a roll in the grass and a sunbeam for napping. She wants to be at your side while sitting, or will lay quietly in her bed. If you walk to another room, she will follow. She likes having another dog to follow. Able to go up and down flights of steps, but needs a lift to be on furniture. She turns around and gives you her backside when she wants lifted up! Adorable!! Lil Sis dream home would be someone to pet her and tell her how special she is! Not like any other dog you've ever met, Lil Sis has the front end of a chihuahua, back end of a pug, and who knows what in the middle. Golden red long coarser coat and some hanging skin that we middle aged ladies know all about. Here is a walk about the yard: Lil Sis 6/09/21

Gender: Female
Age: 11 years
Weight: 9.00 LBS
Color: Red
Breed: Mixed Breeds
Location: Huntington, West Virginia