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Leapfrog - I am Adoption Pending

This is Leapfrog and she is 4 months old with the most gorgeous eyelashes. She is puppy, puppy, puppy, curious about everything. Loves all dogs and people. Always on the run, always emptying the toy box and loves toys that make noises. Learning no is a progress. Right now I get that tilted head look like who me? Loves the puppy next door, they run up and down the fence playing. Leapfrog loves to pull any blankets off the couch and runs away with it, but cannot jump on the couch as of yet. She has mastered the stairs already, no problem going downstairs with me to the basement. Housetraining is typical for a puppy. I need to take her out every couple of hours and we do a happy dance when she goes.
Gender: Female
Age: 4/22/2019
Weight: 5.50 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: CLAWSON, Michigan

Special Considerations:

Escape Artist