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Julie - I am Adoption Pending

Julie arrived in her foster home just a week ago, and is adjusting very well. She does well with the four resident dogs. She is sweet, gentle, curious, and smart. Julie came from a breeder facility, and has not had much experience with freedom. She is, however, enjoying grazing in the backyard and earning gradually increased amounts of free time. She is friendly toward people and loves to wag her tail and give kisses. She also enjoys being held. Julie is a petite little brindle girl at only 13.6 lb. She is a bit timid, and likes her time in her wire ex pen with her comfy bed. She is healthy and enjoys good food and security. Julie is making progress on leash walking and house training. She will need to have another dog and preferably a fenced yard. Julie is still in the evaluation period, but keep checking on her progress.
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years
Weight: 13.60 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Location: Topeka, Kansas