Hi, I'm...
Jim Jam
I'm already adopted!

Oh be still my heart! This new CP kid is a heartbreaker for sure. Jim-Jam is everything we want in a cairn - affectionate, independent, confident, inquisitive and drop-dead gorgeous. He has fit right in to the household and gets along great with 4 other dogs. He takes his treats gently and waits (sort of) patiently to be the last to be fed. He sleeps quietly all night in his crate though he is reluctant to go in for fear he might miss something during the night. And he is always busy. And he doesn’t miss much! His needs are: a fenced yard, a youngish playmate to chase and tussle with, and a young active, cairn savvy family. If you can provide these, get in line. This boy will be whisked up in a heartbeat! (Note: he is still in his 2-week observation period and not available just yet.)
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Weight: 16.00 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Special Considerations:

No Cats, Escape Artist