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Jib is a handsome, happy fellow who would love a terrier-experienced home that will appreciate his spunky Cairn personality. He has recovered from surgery to remove a benign lipoma from his tummy and is raring for adventure. Say the word “walk” to him and his ears perk right up and he’s ready to go. He is very well-mannered on his leash and gets along great with the resident Cairns at his foster home and with other dogs he’s met on his walks. He was ecstatic when he got to run on a beach, joyfully “aroo-ing” as he loped along. But he also likes his “me time,” and will retire to nap alone in his crate (his personal doggy den) and recharge his batteries. He is smart little dog who will run and get in his crate on his own when he knows it’s bedtime or if the humans are leaving. He can be fine all day in his crate, too, especially if he knows there’s a fun walk in store for him when you come home. Jib can use a little obedience training in his forever home, but he’s an eager, fast learner. He’s made great progress on his weight loss program, but his forever home will need to continue his regimen of diet and exercise to help him get down to a svelte size.
Gender: Male
Age: 8 years
Weight: 24.00 LBS
Color: Red Wheaten
Location: Portland, Oregon