Jeb's Liver Treats

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JEB stands for Jolly, Elf and Benji - 3 terrific dogs who loved Liver Treats. Their recipes were featured in the first CPCRN Cookbook. I have tweaked these recipes to create JEB's delectable Liver Treats - crisp squares of pure liver goodness that no dog (or cat!) will refuse. Each order contains at least 5 oz. of light, crispy treats.

SPECIAL - if you order 2 orders you will get a $5.00 discount! Items in photo NOT included - only the YUMMY Liver Treats!

**SHIPPING DATE: Treats are pre-made and frozen until ordered. Can be shipped at any time until January 15, 2019. Baking will be on-going so inventory will be replenished - but it will be easier for the Baker to ship all your Liver Treats at the same time so try to order only once (but order as many as you want!)