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A Cairn for Christmas


A Cairn For Christmas
by Brian McKinney

Although Cairns are not just for Christmas, as we all know,
Being equally suited for the Fourth of July, firecracker dogs,
(Or the Fifth of July or the Third or Halloween or any
Other day not usually associated with mistletoe),

The point is that Cairns are great the whole year 'round,
Whether they're helping you cut down a Christmas tree,
Winding their leashes eight times around your legs,
Or pulling up irises as fast as you can put them in the ground.

Children are not just for Christmas, either, although they make it chime,
Their eyes sparkle with delight at The Tree! The Ornaments!
The Presents! The Turkey! Santa Claus! The Infant in the Manger!
Like Cairns, they're Existentialists, and now's their fav'rite time.

And when your children have grown up and left, to follow their own star,
Though kids and Cairns are not alike (A kid will break an ornament, a Cairn will try to eat it)
A bouncy Cairn at Christmas time will remind you of their innocence and joy,
And help you think of Christmas past, of family near and far.