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Gratitude - I am Ready
I'm ready for adoption

Foster Mom here introducing Gratitude. He's a wonderful senior boy at 13 years old. He's a very happy dog who loves to always be around his people. During the day he'll lay in his dog bed on the floor next to you while you work. In the evenings he'll want to be right next to you on the couch as you relax! And he loves being petted! Gratitude rarely barks, gets along with other dogs, and doesn't show any interest in other animals outside in the yard. He's quiet, but he gets excited when it's time to eat! He enjoys watching you eat, hoping you may drop something. He does have accidents in the house if his humans don't consistently let him outside. He is fine wearing a belly band in order to keep the house clean. He likes walks, but in general he doesn't like the cold outside during the winter. He's happy to sleep in his crate at night. Gratitude has a lot of life yet to live and he has a lot of love to give!
Gender: Male
Age: 13 years
Weight: 14.00 LBS
Color: Black
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan