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Glendale, born 4-5-2021 to dam, Arizona, weight 7.1 oz. On 6-2-21 for exam and initial DHP (Distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus vaccination), he weighed 4.05 lbs! Of perfect weight, his coat is a shiny tuxedo of black and white, the only pup with a white tipped tail and half-white nose and white stockings. Glendale delights in a rambunctious play style, loves to leap on his siblings after bounding toward them. ACTIVE in play he is an enthusiastic cuddle bug but not for long - just too busy to linger - unless you wear shoes with laces. He loves to chew on shoe laces! He pounces on toys, chases after any pup running with a toy - active play is his delight! All pups well socialized, with only good expectations and reward cuddles with little kissies. His dam appears Jack Russell Terrier, sire unknown; Glendale is engaging with a charming and lively terrier personality. Glendale received his initial DHP on June 2. While available for adoption now; cannot be picked up till after receiving his DHP booster approximately 6-23-21.
Gender: Male
Age: 4-05-2021
Weight: 4.05 LBS
Color: Black
Breed: Mixed Breeds
Location: Peoria, Arizona