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Glendale - I am Adopted
I'm already adopted!

Introducing Glendale! Glendale is a three-year-old boy who one week ago found out what it's like to live inside a home. His first three years were spent outside with many other dogs in a cage. Glendale never had the privilege of human contact, good food or fresh water. In the week Glendale has been with us he has learned that humans are great to be around. He has learned that it is okay to be picked up and gently kissed, and that rubs and skritches under his chin are wonderful. He is growing accustomed to the freedom of being able to run and play outside and then coming in to get a drink of fresh cold water. He loves to curl up on a pile of soft blankets or to snuggle up on a couch or chair. Glendale loves Nylabones and he'll take one and jump in a dog bed and chew on it for a while, and then run and get another one and jump back in the dog bed and chew on that one, and then repeat the process until all of the Nylabones are in the bed and there's no room for him! Do you have room for him in your home and your heart?

The DNA is in and here I am: 25% Scottish Terrier, 12.5% Chihuahua, 12.5% Yorkie, 50% other Breed Groups: Hound, Sporting, Herding



Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Weight: 19.40 LBS
Color: Gray Brindle
Breed: Mixed Breeds
Location: Normal, Illinois