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Gauges - I am Adoption Pending

Gauges is a little dog with a BIG personality. She had a very limited life when rescued by Col. Potter so she has even very busy adjusting to a new world. Steps were a puzzlement but she figured them out in just a few tries. Eating from a dish seemed new to her too. But she is a quick study and a true princess in training who would like to be the alpha dog. Gauges is extremely affectionate and wants to be with you all the time. You will never go to the bathroom alone again! She has some separation anxiety. And potty training is a work in progress. But she is a cuddle bug with melting brown eyes and will have you under her spell in no time!
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years
Weight: 17.20 LBS
Color: Red Wheaten
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Kansas City, Kansas