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Gambler - I am Ready
I'm ready for adoption

Meet Gambler, named in memory of Kenny Rogers. This little boy has had a hard life, but his body is healing thanks to Col. Potter. And despite all his challenges - he loves people! Nothing pleases him more than to curl up on the sofa beside someone. And he enjoys having his neck and ears rubbed. He walks beautifully on a leash, and will explore a fenced yard if his person goes with him. We aren't sure what breed he is, DNA testing will be done once his mouth heals from his dental. Gambler isn't ready for adoption yet - it will take him a few weeks to clear up his ear infections, recover from 22 teeth being extracted, and learn to walk back up on his toes instead of on his wrists (as a result of inches long toe nails!). But keep your eye on this one, once he is ready for adoption he will be a feisty little love bug!
Gender: Male
Age: 9 years
Weight: 18.00 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Mixed Terrier
Location: Newberrytown, Pennsylvania