Hi, I'm...

Hi everyone! My name is Frosty and I'm new in town. I arrived in this BIG bird my foster home calls an airplane. I was all set to get out of my crate and run and play but they stuck me in this thing called a car and I had to ride forever. Finally I arrived at my foster home and I got to walk around the back yard and they finally fed me! Gosh, it's hard to get a decent meal in my foster home because they say I have to lose weight. Everything is so new and it's so much fun to explore and find things to get into. I found out that I can get at least 4 stuffed animals in my mouth at one time and then I get to walk around the house carrying and playing with them. Foster mom says I'm a work in progress...whatever that means. She keeps telling me that I can't walk on top of other dogs and that I need to go around them but I don't understand why when that takes more time! Furniture is so soft and I love lying on the couch and watching TV with foster mom and dad. Stay tuned!
Gender: Male
Age: 8 years
Weight: 19.00 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Location: Normal, Illinois