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Fernando - I am Adopted
I'm already adopted!

Are there tight spaces in your house where you may have dropped a pretzel two years ago? Would you like that space examined, and your pretzel tidied up? Fernando would be happy to investigate any small space, an open cupboard, a rarely opened drawer, anything really where there might be a snack, no matter how old. This boy just loves to eat, which makes pill time a breeze. He also hasn't had an accident inside in more than a month, and I can't remember the last time we bothered putting a belly band on him. As long as you take him out every couple of hours when he is awake, he does great. And he loves to play, as I am typing this he is poking me because he wants me to throw his toy. Even though he doesn't see that well, he can find a toy anywhere just by smell. Fernando loves to be where his people are, enjoys a long walk, likes to nap on the couch with you, and sleeps through the night in his crate without a peep.
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Weight: 14.00 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina