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Felix - I am Adoption Pending

Introducing Felix! Felix is a wonderful, loving dog. He loves people and his canine brother, Oscar. He really likes being close to Oscar – on the couch, in dog beds, taking walks, etc. He is inquisitive and wants to know where you are and what you’re doing. He likes to play with toys/fetch. He enjoys quiet times on the couch lying next to his humans. He loves to eat and is good on walks. He would like to go on multiple walks each day. He’ll run for a bit too, if you’re up for it. But if he sees animals outside, he’ll be ready to go for it. Felix will try to play with other dogs, sometimes even if they don’t want to. He has a lot of energy for his age. He’s very cute with his tongue often hanging out the side of his mouth. He isn’t potty trained, but he’s working on it. For now, he’s fine wearing a belly band in the house. He will make a wonderful companion to lounge around with, take walks, and play with. He is in good health and is ready to spend many years with his forever family.
Gender: Male
Age: 10 years
Weight: 13.00 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Mixed Breeds
Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan

Special Considerations:

Escape Artist