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There's a Fast Eddie the guitarist, a ball player, and the pool player portrayed by Paul Newman in The Hustler. Then there's this Fast Eddie, the happy young, handsome, Cairn Terrier with a beautiful coat who charms everyone he meets. Fast Eddie loves people and is so sure that they will love him back that he readily rolls over for a belly rub and ear scratches. Fast Eddie was in need of surgery when he came to us and Col. Potter stepped in to ensure that Fast Eddie has a long, healthy life ahead of him. Fast Eddie is young and a bit on the rambunctious side and needs a terrier experienced home without other dogs so that he gets all the attention. Fast Eddie's surgery has a 90% success rate. Fast Eddie thinks those are pretty good odds and he's more than ready to find his forever home and begin a new adventure!
Gender: Male
Age: 6/14/2020
Weight: 15.00 LBS
Color: Gray Brindle
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: SPRINGFIELD, Oregon

Special Considerations:

No Other Dogs