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Encino - I am Adopted
I'm already adopted!

Hi, Encino here. Because I did not have any good experiences during my first year, I did not know what was expected of a puppy or what the inside of a house was like when I arrived at my foster home. I am learning fast! It means shoes, socks and anything else within my reach need my attention but toys or treats can distract me. I love running with my foster brothers and I know how to walk nicely on a leash and also that the outside is where I potty. I am still a little fearful of being touched but I'm ok with it and will wag my tail when talked to. Foster Mom says I have the most expressive eyes and I watch her and follow Foster Dad all the time. The only thing I really don't like is the crate. I absolutely will not go into it for anything and if put in it will bark and try to get out. The X Pen is ok as long as the gate is left open but if it gets closed, I try to destroy it . I like to go in it and curl up on a blanket with toys or a treat. I am ready for a forever home, yours?

The DNA is in and here I am:  25% Scottish Terrier, 12.5% Chihuahua, 12.5% Yorkie, 50% other Breed Groups: Hound, Sporting, Herding

Gender: Male
Age: 1
Weight: 19.50 LBS
Color: Gray Brindle
Breed: Mixed Terrier
Location: Sparks, Nevada