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Elisha is a gorgeous 8 years young brindle cairn gal with the most beautiful markings and an impish, happy, smiling little terrier face that will just melt you. She marched into my home and once she realized that life was going to be ok she took a deep breath and proceeded to waltz into the heart of everyone who has met her. She loves, a bit obsessively, unsuccessfully hunting lizards in the back yard and has requested that she have her very own yard with her forever family. She likes to play ball but has zero interest in chasing after balls launched by Tom Brady. She loves walks and is working on her leash manners as she was taught it was ok to pull and go wherever she wished. She does need to build up stamina as she tends towards being a plus size model. She loves attention and is affectionate and when she wants to cuddle she presses against your side, however she is not a lap dog, she's a terrier!! Enough said for us terrier savvy people. Darn near perfect to me.
Gender: Female
Age: 8 years
Weight: 19.00 LBS
Color: Gray Brindle
Location: Boynton, Beach Florida