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Dustin - I am Adoption Pending

Meet Dustin, a handsome black brindle Cairn Terrier gentleman! His muzzle has attractive white whiskers - sort of like Gus McCrae in Lonesome Dove. A friend and neighbor nicknamed him “The Earl of Gussingham” because his personality, unlike Gus in the movie, is much more refined and statelier, like an Earl! In spite of his stately manner, Dustin’s journey in the last few years has been difficult. His loving owner became ill and when he passed the owner’s family felt that Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network could help them find a loving home for him. "Cairns should immediately impress as a sturdy, strong and well-balanced dog - they should look neither delicate nor ponderous.” Yes, this aptly describes Dustin! He is unbelievably sweet and loving but he is also very self-confident, a little chunky, yet sturdy. Dustin will flourish in a home that gives him lots of attention, solid training and well-established boundaries. He is amazingly well-balanced and will make his new family very happy!
Gender: Male
Age: 9 years
Weight: 22.80 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Special Considerations:

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