Willie Wagtail

I am Adoption Pending
Gender: Male
Age: 3 month
Weight: 8 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Normal, Illinois
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More About Willie Wagtail

Hi everyone – Willie Wagtail here. I’m a gorgeous (even if I do say so myself) Black Brindle boy. I’m 3 months old and learning all kinds of new things in my foster home.

I’ve learned how to run at warp speed through the house. It’s so much fun when I run from carpet to tile and take a long slide across the dining room floor. It is so much fun! I also have LOTS of really fun toys to play with. I particularly like the soft, fuzzy toys that make noise when I bite down on them. It’s really fun to bite down on them non-stop for a half hour because foster mom covers her ears and makes this funny face so I know she’s having fun too. I love to entertain my foster mom!

I love to play with my brother and we love to jump on each other and roll around and then take off running and sliding through the house.

Foster mom says I’m a big loveable baby. I love to jump up and beg her to pick me up. I really like it when she picks me up because I can nip at her lips and then give lots of kisses when she says ouch. I’m really trying to remember to just kiss and not puppy bite but it’s hard to learn so many things at once.

I’ve conquered jumping up on the ottoman and then jumping up in the recliner. From the recliner I can walk across a small table into the other recliner. Foster mom is always taking me down from the table saying that’s not how to get into the other recliner. I don’t see what’s wrong with MY way because there’s more than one way to do things – right?

I’m a pretty spoiled by in my foster home and foster mom says that because I’m just too cute not to hold and kiss. She also says I’m all cairn boy. In case you don’t know what that means…….I’m cute, I like to investigate, I like to shred paper, I like to RUN, and I like to find things I shouldn’t have like foster mom’s slippers. I LOVE to pull them off her feet and run away with them. OH – I’m very entertaining too!

I’m not quite ready for adoption as I need another set of shots next Tuesday and then —— I’m ready to be yours!!!


Check back soon for updates