I am Adopted
Gender: Male
Age: 11 wks
Weight: 4 LBS
Color: White
Breed: Westhighland White Terrier
Location: Pikesville, Maryland
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More About Raphael

Raphael is everything you would expect in a Westie puppy. He is smart and bright eyed. He’s curious and adventurous. He’s brave and confident. Raphael is the sweetest little love who loves to cuddle when he’s ready for a nap or it’s time for bed. He loves playing with the resident dogs and cats, although the two male cats tend to run in fear of the little 4lb pup.

Raphael is on his way to being house trained but he’s very young yet, his muscles aren’t strong enough to control his bathroom needs and he doesn’t always remember to alert. Raphael also struggles with separation anxiety so a home with another resident dog is preferred.

Raphael was born with a little hole in his heart which causes a heart murmur. He’s been fully vetted by a cardiologist who confirmed that the hole will not grow and will not cause any long term issues. He does not require any medication or surgery. His forever home will have to commit to taking Raphael in for another echo when he’s about one year old to confirm the cardiologist’s findings. He’s a very active puppy and his favorite thing to do is tussle with the resident 5 year old Westie. There are no current symptoms indicating that he has a murmur.


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