I am Adoption Pending
Gender: Male
Age: 11 years
Weight: 11 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Breed: Min. Schnauzer
Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas
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More About Ranger

Perfect pup here! Ranger is a calm, easy-going, well-behaved pup. Loves to go on walks and walks well on his leash, is learning basic commands, gets along well with resident dog and cat. Very well socialized with other dogs, gets along well with resident dog and cat (both are seniors) Sleeps in his crate at night with no issues. Of course he is house trained. And those eyes! Looks like he has the wisdom of the world! Ranger loves to get up on the sofa with foster mom at night for belly rubs.


UPDATE 6/30/2024: Ranger has acclimated nicely. He absolutely adores going for walks and car rides, excelling at both. His personality is remarkably laid-back. He accompanies his foster mom to the office, warmly greeting a variety of people, including men, women, and children, daily. His foster mom has a container of sliced zucchini and sweet peppers for visitors to offer him, and he relishes his vegetables! He continues to coexist peacefully with the resident dog and cat. Both the resident dog and cat, being much older, are not very sociable. Ranger also had a playdate with foster mom’s son’s dog, a large black lab, which was a success. They frolicked, chasing each other and balls, played in the sprinkler and pool, and even napped together. Ranger would thrive in a home with a sizable, fenced yard for running. He’s truly an exceptional dog.