Jack Sparrow

I am Ready for Adoption
Gender: Male
Age: 3 months
Weight: 9 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Normal, Illinois
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More About Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow here to introduce myself!

I’m a very happy go lucky boy and enjoy life to the fullest. I run at warp speed, slide around corners, jump up on the ottoman and recliner, zoom across the end table to another chair and then jump down and zoom around the furniture and start my jumps and leaps again and again. I’m extremely cute and cuddly too!

I’m really a very happy boy all of the time and I have a great disposition. I’m always super happy to see people, any people, and I beg to be picked up and then I kiss and kiss and kiss. I’m a lover boy! I love to beg to be picked up and I love to be held. I especially love it when foster mom holds me while she’s trying to wash the windows because I get to see everything that’s going on outside. I’d love to play with one of those things mom calls a squirrel that zooms around the yard.

I love toys, all toys, and I drag them all around the house. I love to empty the toy box and watch foster mom put them all back in so I can take them all out again. I’m particularly fond of stuffies but I really like chewing on all the different nylabones in my foster home. I just found a couple of balls today and it was fun to chase them around the house.

I’m pretty good at entertaining myself but I have a lot of fun chasing my brother and then wrestling with him. We play chase all around the house and we play tug with some of the toys.

I’m very inquisitive and I like to check out everything. I really like it when foster mom opens the bottom cabinet door where she keeps the human snacks. I try and try to jump in there and get them but foster mom is still faster than me – darn. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to get those doors open but foster mom says they are puppy proofed – double darn.

I’m not quite ready for adoption as I have to get shots next Tuesday and then I’ll be ready to be your little boy!


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