Don Diego

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Gender: Male
Age: 16
Weight: 19 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: San Diego, California
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More About Don Diego

Don Diego is a sweet little 16-year-old Cairn Terrier. He is mostly deaf, and mostly blind– blind in one eye and not much vision in the other. He gets along fine with his keen sense of smell. As with many older pups, he has some health issues, so he is on a few medications. His foster home also has another dog, as well as 2 cats, and he gets along well with them all. He loves to go for walks, but he has some arthritis, so he can only walk shorter distances. He loves to eat, and he will even snatch food away from you, when you’re not looking. When he isn’t roaming around the house, motoring, he is usually snoozing.


UPDATE 12/5/2023: Don Diego is a 16-year-old Cairn Terrier who has had some medical issues. He is currently getting eyedrops for conjunctivitis. He is arthritic, and although he likes walks, he isn’t able to walk very far, and he walks very slowly. He has also been taking medication for his arthritis. He does sleep most of the day, but he will always let his foster mom know when it’s time to eat, because he loves his food. He gets along well with his other foster brother, who is a very young terrier, as well as the 2 cats that live in his house.